Diesel Engine Heritage On Our Door Step

Located in the North West, OptimOil is proud of the region’s industrial heritage.  This region of the UK is famous for the design and manufacture of unique marine, stationary power trains and vehicle compression ignition diesel engines of the past.  Although some of these machines are approaching a century old, they are still working, and keen interest is building up in purchasing them for preservation and education.

Knowing the importance of high-quality oils and greases to the efficiency and life-time value of heavy machinery, we to seek to honour the standards of engineering past and present.  OptimOil’s specialist oils and greases for engines, transmissions, gears and more are used daily on many modern and super high-performance diesel engine on construction sites, heavy manufacturing plants and trucks all over the UK.   Our distribution centre is well placed for fast delivery of grease and oils in bulk barrels or cartridges to all parts of the UK.

A Little Bit Of British Engineering History

Marques like Gardener, Crossley, Mirrlees, and Bickerton & Day specialised in diesel engines that were frugal on fuel consumption and extremely high on engineering quality and rugged simplicity.

From the Royal Navy’s famous X-Craft mini-submarines of WW2 to a 2-tonne pre-war Bentley car that managed 30mpg with a Gardner diesel engine; the originality of design and absence of modern turbocharging that marked these is still prevalent in the industry today.

The Modern 21st Century

So, you could say that our area is grounded in the whole internal combustion engine trade.  From local refineries, shipping, and engineering to the invention of graphene at the University of Manchester – the finest products for lubrication come from Cheshire!

As refinements and efficiencies of the internal combustion engine have improved time and time again, so have our range of high performance oils

Let’s keep cranking up the engine of British innovation…

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