Automatic Transmission Fluid DIII

A premium automatic transmission fluid (ATF) blended from synthetic base fluids and highly refined mineral oil.  For use in automatic transmissions, powershift transmissions, fluid couplings, transfer boxes, trans-axles and torque convertors etc. in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.  Backward compatible with all Dexron II applications, this DIII GM alternative has an increased temperature performance window.

For many models of automatic transfer boxes built 1990s – 2005; GM IIIH & IIIG, Volvo AT101, CAT TO-2, Hyundai (see Technical Data Sheet or call us for more).

Outstanding Features

  • Resistant to high temperatures associated with ‘start stop’ operating conditions.
  • Good seal compatibility.
  • Exceptional oxidation stability.
  • Superior low-temperature properties.



Additional information

Weight N/A

20L, 205L, 1000L IBC